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Keywords with low potential The auction title offers characters to manage and is the most important in terms of organic traffic and sponsor campaigns. It is worth checking which keywords have the greatest search potential. We will do it in the Allegro Ads campaign planner Allegro Ads campaign planner keywords When using Allegro Ads on our own, we are limit only to keywords in the auction title. When we grant access to an eternal agency’s campaign, the targeting possibilities are epand with separately enter keywords, requir and eclusive.

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You should also remember that the keywords us should match the advertis offer as much as possible. Daily budget too low Limiting your daily Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List budget too much relative to your potential can cause your campaign to stop showing for your ad groups very quickly. As a result, this may significantly limit its reach and sales potential. It is worth monitoring the daily budget on an ongoing basis and reacting to its sudden increases by increasing the budget or lowering the CPC. This will etend the duration of the campaign to a full day.

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Violation of the rules of the Allegro regulations Allegro has a very restrictive approach to compliance with the regulations. You should read it very carefully and follow the rules at every step. Let’s keep in mind, for eample, that on Allegro Ads we cannot advertise, among others, charity offers, products issu from the account of a verifi pharmacy USB Directory and offers from the Initial modifi milk category. It is also worth paying attention to the description of the auction. It cannot contain a telephone number or EAN code number it must be includ in the complet parameters. We will not receive any message or notification in the event of problems with ad serving.