Collect as much data as possible

Define campaigns to speak in a personalized way to your audience; use and define indicators: kpis serve to measure the performance of your marketing action. Therefore, before launching the campaign, define which kpis you  Collect as much will use. With these 3 tasks completed, now it is necessary to prepare the launch. This consists of adopting intelligent strategies, offering useful information to your audience. So, before actually launching the product, generate curiosity and interest in people. This can be done through articles, videos, e-books, posts, etc. Strategy for launching a product the big moment has arrived. The moment of launch is the most anticipated, but it is only part of the process.

Many companies focus on the

Launch and forget about the other steps. So, when launching the product, promote it in every way possible. Nowadays the internet has specialized channels for each segment. Look for these channels, according to the Philippines Phone Number Data  type of your product. Also send press releases, with the aim of informing and saying “I’m here!”. In addition to the press and specialized channels, use the public that is already loyal to your company to help promote it. This can often be more useful than other strategies, as your audience will have natural and spontaneous engagement. And one last tip: launch your product on several social networks at the same time, but with appropriate language for each of them.

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Post-launch many companies think

We launched the product, job done. But know that this is where the work begins. It is necessary to closely monitor the results to make changes when necessary. Therefore, post-launch consists of: put into action those kpis that were defined pre-launch: this way, it is possible to evaluate the return that the  Guatemala Phone Number List campaign is giving and which network generated the most conversion, for example. After that, the team decides whether to continue with the strategy or whether it will undergo changes; keep informing the public: do not leave your audience aside after the success of the campaign.