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Experience bullet points that answer the following questions: situation : what situation or challenge did you face? Task : what task were you involvd in? What Method resume were your responsibilities and goals? Action : what actions did you take specifically to accomplish the task? How have you contributd to your team’s efforts? Result : what was the result of your actions? How has this benefitd your company? Can results be quantifid? Star statements can appear in the form of a single bullet or multiple bullets. These points do not ned to be in order, although it may help to write them in order if you are using the star framework for the first time.

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Achieving the ideal match between you and a company is keeping an eye on available vacancies and selecting those that are alignd with your career moment. And the golden tip here is: focus on quality, not quantity. And by quality we mean that you must show interest in the vacancies that you  Netherlands Phone Number Data really want , and that really match your profile. By doing this, you allow the platform to understand which types of vacancies are relevant to you and refer you to compatible opportunities. After all, we all want to receive invitations for exciting proposals, right? See how easy it is to show interest in a vacancy and get noticd on geekhunter: but how does it work? Well, showing interest is the equivalent of giving a “lik to the vacancy.


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Immdiate participation in the selection process , but it highlights your profile for a possible nomination. Among the candidates who show interest in an opportunity, geekhunter makes a pre-selection of those who really have the profile that the company is looking for and forwards these profiles to the next steps. Those who show interest areitations for a bunch of vacancies that Hungary Phone Number List  have nothing to do with what you’re looking for. With that in mind, here are three ways to use showing interest to your advantage and make your profile stand out to receive incrdible invitations: show interest in vacancies alignd with your career moment and qualifications; read the job description carefully.