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Reaching the right target audience, this feature is very important. Authority: show the superiority of your brand this trigger consists of knowing very well what you are talking to the public about and having credentials that  However if your  prove your knowledge. For example, if you are purchasing a marketing course, you will definitely choose a company that has a qualified team in the subject. This way, this company has authority in marketing. This way, you will take into consideration everything this company says. Furthermore, authority automatically links the product to the brand. Often the authority is so great that it is almost impossible to separate the product from the brand. A classic example is bombril.

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Steel sponge or simply bombril social proof: another of the best mental triggers for instagram social proof concerns the credibility of the brand and company. If your organization provides a quality service, satisfied customers appear naturally. This is very good, not only for company morale, but because Thailand Phone Number Data  these customers can be ambassadors of sorts for the product. So, whenever a customer makes a comment or post praising your product, you can use this to your advantage. If the company profile knows how to identify these posts and share them in their own stories, they will be putting the social proof trigger into practice. Urgency: a fundamental trigger for good results also one of the most efficient mental triggers for instagram, it goes hand in hand with scarcity.

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Humans to want things quickly. Nowadays, we are in a hurry for everything. And a marketing strategy needs to know how to instill this sense of urgency in customers. Some examples include: you only have 24 hours to take advantage of the discount; promotion valid for 48 hours; the promotion ends Georgia Phone Number List  in the next few hours. It is very important, in this case, to use a specific amount of time, as this increases the feeling of urgency even more. Exclusivity: show that your customer is irreplaceable make the customer feel exclusive and very important .And how to do this? Offering something important to the person who decides to buy your product. This could involve a number access to pre-releases before the general public.