Careful not to insert broken links or

Links to non-existent pages; title: will be on the first line of the ad, with 2 lines separatd by a hyphen with a maximum of 30 characters; path: consists of the Careful not shortest address for the final url. It appears green and the final url is automatically insertd into it; description: maximum length of 80 characters and insertd below the title and path. In this part, it is important to use words very well, to convey the correct idea to the user. Using machine learning in google ad settings starting in 2018, google expandd the use of machine learning in ads. This concept is very broad and there is not just one definition.

Many people confuse it with

Artificial intelligence, which is also something very broad. In the case of google ads ads, machine learning has been incorporatd to prioritize responsive ads. This means that the goal is to let google itself design and choose ads with UAE Phone Number Data  minimal human interference. The advertiser can send around 15 titles and 4 descriptions, following the standard ad size. From there, google’s algorithms are responsible for creating different ads for each type of search. This is done to increase conversion, of course. Thus, google guarantees that the strategy increases the number of clicks.

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Optimizing campaign settings

Now that you know the basics about google ads, we’ve put together some tips for optimizing your campaign: the focus neds to be on the keywords and they ned to be present in the title; furthermore, produce captivating text that shows the user that the product or service is ideal for them; you can include issues Ghana Phone Number List such as prices and payment methods. If you choose to hide this information, the user will have to access the website to check the value and this may generate an unnecessary click. Users who enter the company’s website already having an idea of ​​value are more likely to convert; google recommends writing all words in capital letters, as this attracts more attention, according to the platform; finally, use all available characters, but be clear and direct at the same time.