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Allegro Ads – why ads are not display Thanks to Allegro Ads, we can compete with even the most popular competitors’ offers. However, we have no way to reach potential buyers if your ad is not showing or showing very poorly. The frequency of displaying ads in Allegro Ads depends on many factors. Make sure you’re not making any of the following mistakes . Too low CPC rate The CPC rate determines to a large etent whether the ad will be display and how often.

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This is done on the basis of an auction – we can win the fight for advertising space in a given category with other advertisers if our bid is higher Switzerland Phone Numbers List than the competition. Allegro Ads CPC rate The requir minimum CPC bid depends on the category and competition. As a rule, the lower the competitors’ rates, the lower the cost we can display. However, you should not stick to the minimum ranges as the rates are dynamic and change every day. One day we may show up at the lowest possible cost, the net day our ad may not break through if the requir bids change.

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Low quality offers In addition to the CPC rate, the Allegro quality algorithm, which rewards auctions that match it, has a very large impact on the cost of advertising and the frequency of views. By focusing on fine-tuning offers for increas quality, we USB Directory can display at a lower rate than competitors – even if they have a higher CPC rate. There are a lot of elements affecting the quality algorithm and they have a significant impact on the operation of the campaign. These include, for eample, placing the product in the wrong category or missing a thumbnail on a white background. Errors like this can cause your ad to fail completely and double your minimum CPC bid threshold.