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Allegro requires ongoing monitoring and observation of statistics. So if your ad has been display correctly so far, and in the following days you have notic a drastic drop in ad views – check the offer auction for the above-mention elements. E-commerce migration and simultaneous increase in revenue from Google Ads? It’s possible! Checklist bas on onelectro Damian Ozibała July , You will read in ~ min. E-commerce migration Migrating a wsite or an online store to a new platform is usually a big challenge for every e-business.

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There are many guides on the w with tips on how to ensure SEO visibility of the wsite during the move. However, if – as in the case of many online stores – most of our income is generat by paid search ads, we should also take care of issues relat to Google Albania Phone Numbers List Ads and w analytics. On the eample of Onelectro, we show how, thanks to the observance of the rules, we did not record any drops in campaign results after the migration. What’s more – in a short time, thanks to the further development strategy, we achiev increases in sales and traffic. Collaboration history Onelectro is an online store offering a wide range of electrical equipment, lighting and home automation.

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We start paid activities for the e- shop in the second half of . In the first stage, we work on increasing the profitability and scaling of Google Ads USB Directory campaigns. Thanks to the optimization of the product campaign and the creation of a structure bas on the division into brands, the products of which significantly differ in terms of margin, we achiev very good results. Campaign results – graph With the last quarter of , another big challenge await us and the owner of onelectro – migration of the wsite to the Atomstore platform.

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