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For this campaign, it is worth using the optional pre-registration reward feature, even before the release of the appgame. Bidding and budget strategies We have two strategies to choose from: CPI, we pay for each installation of the app from the advertisement, CPA if you set a specific actionaction in the application in the campaign. In both cases, the automat bidding system will analyze previous collect data and various signals (time of day, device) to prict the likelihood of installation or execution of a particular action and adjust bids accordingly while maintaining the specifi CPI or CPA.

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It is very important to set real bids in accordance with the conditions in Google auctions. In the case of too low rates, ads may not fully use the assum budget or result in only a minimum number of application installs – all due to the inability to reach the Honduras Mobile Number List right users and display ads in the right places (placements). Of course, too high rates are also not advisable. In such a situation, the budget may be “burnt” in relation to the number of conversions. Therefore, it is necessary to find the optimum, which may depend on the category or industry of the application. What campaign budget should I set? Budget for CPI should be at least x from doc. CPI (tCPI) Budget for CPA should be at least x from doc.

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CPA (tCPA) A campaign with too low a budget may take longer in the learning phase before it collects the requir number of conversions. A campaign with a high budget should collect the requir data in less time, thanks to which it will achieve the requir goals much faster. In addition, during the “start-up” of the campaign, it is worth setting a slightly USB Directory higher budget in relation to the one assum in the marketing strategy. Campaign optimization and attribution Referring to bid optimization (CPICPA), it is worth emphasizing that it should be perform at appropriate intervals.

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