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In other words – these will be people who will not only install, but will probably use the application in the way we specify. In this case, select one action from the list of actions defin when implementing conversion tracking, . registration, login, add to cart, content playback, subscription, etc. . App engagement A type of campaign aim at people who already have our mobile application. In this way, we can reach people who have install but have not yet launch the application. This type of campaign will also work well when we want to show our users the new functionality.

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Of the application or inform them about new promotions. In this type of campaign, we have the option of using deep links. Thanks to them, we direct Guatemala Mobile Number List users directly to a subpage in the application, not a page in the browser. We also have the ability to precisely target ads to a given subpage – similarly to display or search campaigns, where we can choose the target URL to the home page or . a contact subpage. When we opt for this type of app promotion, we’ll be able to select a specific goal from a list of conversion events. It looks similar to a campaign focus on “app install with action.

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Comprehensive Google Ads campaigns Check out our >> OFFER << . App pre-registration (Android only) This type of campaign can be describ as pre-order for games and apps. Advertisement in advance should help increase interest in installing your app once it’s publish on the Google Play Store. Enabling pre-registration will allow users to USB Directory obtain additional information about the applicationgame and the registration itself. After publishing a game or application, all previously register users will receive push notifications from Google Play about the possibility of installing it.