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This will help collect the right amount of data. In particular, at the beginning (in the learning phase), it is good to refrain from making changes – it is worth refraining from making the first optimization until the campaign reaches a minimum of conversions. Later, the rate should also be modifi in appropriate time intervals, changing it by approx. %. The default attribution for an install target is days, and for an action target, it is days. Such long periods are appropriate in the case of a rather specific campaign such as “promoting the application”, because often conversions occur long after its installation.

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Examples include the purchase of a house, flat or car. Improving app campaigns One of the key optimization methods is a cyclical (every – months) change of advertising content. This is to avoid borom and “providing” with advertising, which in Hungary Mobile Number List turn affects the effectiveness of the campaign. In addition, you should avoid replacing ads mark as “great” or “good” – the changes will also affect the results, and therefore will cause decreases in the effectiveness of the campaign. It all depends on the amount of materials we have and what part of them we want to replace – whether it will be replacing one of the films or replacing one of the two.

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Application optimization outside of Google Ads Before we start advertising activities, let’s also pay attention to elements not directly relat USB Directory to advertising, but which may affect the final decision of the user. First of all, you should take care of the information plac in the application store (. Google Play). This is important because the user from the ad is rirect to the store, so even the best creation may be insufficient when the application page does not meet the expectations of a potential customer.

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