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With the current intensity of the presence of brands and creators on social mia, it is difficult to get notic. When we combine this with the typical reception of content by quickly browsing the newsfe, the interest of the user and encouraging him to interact with our posts often borders on a miracle. You’ve probably had contact with social mia pages that get impressive numbers of reactions, shares or comments more than once and you ask yourself – how do they do that they have such engaging posts, while your content goes unnotic.

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Each social platform has its own rules, but in this article we will show you what rules are worth following in order to write cool posts on Facook. Get to know your audience The first step to success is the analysis of the recipient group – depending on the Tongliao Phone Number List specifics of the industry, it can be broad or very narrow. However, don’t be afraid to specify this target group in detail if necessary, and don’t just resort to specifying the gender or age range. It is definitely better to have a smaller group of loyal and committ fans who identify with our image than a cluster of random people, none of whom will feel that you are on the same wavelength.

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Think about the nes and interests of your recipient, what makes them laugh, what language and style they communicate with, what their lifestyle USB Directory is, etc. If you run a store profile, try to find out where your potential customer also buys, does he prefer fast fashion, vintage or maybe luury products? This will help you understand the man on the other side of the screen. Also, forget about your own beliefs about what the user should – sometimes we don’t realize what the statistical recipient of our content actually looks like until we analyze it properly.

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