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The service includes account configuration. Selection of the best keywords, campaign creation and auction analysis as well. As ongoing optimization to minimize costs and maimize profits. Thanks to the fact that the portfolio of companies we work. With to increase sales in this channel is gradually growing, we have receiv the Allegro Ads Partner status. What do advertisers gain thanks to cooperation with Allegro Ads Partner? First of all, the Allegro Ads status is grant only to those agencies that meet the requirements specifi by Allegro. That is why the badge gives sellers confidence that they are working with a trust partner who will run advertising campaigns effectively.

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Secondly, agencies with this status are the first to receive new solutions and advertising tools made available by the marketplace. And this, in turn, is an undoubt advantage in the fight for customers on Allegro. What do we gain as an agency Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List thanks to participation in the Allegro Ads Partner program? As an Allegro Ads Partner, we gain access to various ucational materials, including the Allegro Academy and the opportunity to participate in clos events organiz by Allegro. Thanks to this, our specialists can hone their skills at the very source.

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We also receive a dicat supervisor, thanks to whom – in the event of technical problems beyond our control – we can intervene very quickly. What is the Allegro Ads Partner program? Allegro Ads Partner is a program design for agencies that effectively run advertising campaigns for companies selling on this marketplace. There are three levels USB Directory of partnership within the program Level I Program Participant Level II Allegro Ads Partner Level III Allegro Ads Partner Currently, with the Allegro Ads Partner status, we are on the middle level, but we plan to jump to the last, highest level by the end of the year and strengthen our bond with Allegro even more How to create engaging Facook posts? Diana Piech July , You will read in ~ min.

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