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Provide valuable content The relationship. Between the brandcreator and the recipient has never really been a selfless echange of kindness. Anyone who epects to gather a committ group of fans solely thanks to the popularity of the brand or name will unfortunately be very disappoint. The number of followers decreases more and more. And the success rate is determin by the so-call. engagement rate, the percentage of fans actually interacting with our profile. So how to write a post on Facook so that the user would like to take their time to read it and leave a mark.

Using Topic Clusters To Create

Time – this is the currency that the recipient pays us for what we deliver to him. So you should treat it on an equal footing with payment. When spending real money, everyone epects a product or service to have a positive impact on their life. Well-being or USA Cell Phone Number List comfort. That’s what your audience epects too! It is worth considering whether the previous content on the fanpage brought anything to the lives of users? Did they meet their nes? Such content may be advice trivia infographics promotionsdiscount codesspecial actions humorous content emotional content motivational tets quotations answers to customers’ questions sharing successes – awards, certificates, a new branch of the company, etc.

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You can also schule publication dates for your engaging posts by theme. Thanks to this, fans will know that, for eample, on Wnesdays you publish a series of tips on organic cosmetics, and on Fridays you treat them with funny memes about the beginning USB Directory of the weekend. Professional Facook ADS campaigns Check out our >> OFFER << Real Time marketing – stay up to date with popular events Observing trends on the Internet, it’s hard not to get the impression that recently nothing has gain such recognition among users as real-time marketing.

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