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These provisions apply to posts, photos, graphics or music, even if their author remains anonymous, because in practice it does not mean that he has waiv the rights to the work. Types of graphic licenses Creative Commons licenses Internet copyright is bas on Creative Commons licenses. Most Internet users have come across this concept at least once, but few w users know what CC licenses really are. Creative Commons is a licensing system that allows the author of a work to independently determine the rules under which he would like to share his works with other network users.

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A creator using a CC license always retains the copyright to the work, while allowing others to copy and distribute it. There are five types of licenses, they differ 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers in the rules of using the work CC public domain sign The creator choosing this license thus transfers the work to the public domain, while waiving all rights to the work that have so far result from copyright law. The person who provid the work with this statement also does not provide any guarantees as to the work and ecludes liability for using it. CCBY CC BY license logo Under this license, the work can be freely copi, chang, distribut and present, provid that the author is crit.

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This kind of license, beyond the disclaimer of the work. offers the widest freoms to the licensee. CCNC CC BY NC license logo This type of license allows the user to copy, change, remi, distribute, present and perform works only for non-commercial USB Directory purposes, using the work may not generate any revenue on its basis. CC CC BY SA license logo Works shar under the share-alike license may be distribut, present and perform only for non-commercial purposes and as long as derivative works are also cover by the same license.

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