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An eample of such a work may be, for eample, a story translat into another language and then made available to other users. Its further sharing must take place under the same license under which it was post. CC CC ND license logo This type of license allows users to copy and distribute works of any format without derivative works, by remiing, processing or creating on the basis of a work, the user may not distribute the modifi content Attention! The licenses are combin and may have different versions depending on the adaptation to current legal requirements. They then take the form of CC BNC eample.

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Professional Facook ADS campaigns Check out our >> OFFER << Copyright on Facook Facook is one of the most popular social networking sites in A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers the world. By creating an account on it, each user is ask to accept the regulations. In addition to the general rules of using Facook, the regulations also contain provisions on copyright. According to Facook’s terms of use and community standard, users own the intellectual property rights to all content they create or share through the site. At the same time, by sharing, publishing or sending content cover by intellectual property rights, the user grants the wsite a free and non-eclusive license.

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It is worth emphasizing that by granting a license to the portal, we do not transfer copyrights and property rights. The license that has been grant to Facook epires when we remove the content from the portal, So can we freely share photos USB Directory found on Facook? The Facook license guarantees that we do not infringe property rights by sharing photos. Remember, however, that the creator of the photo or graphic that we share with us is still entitl to copyright. It is epress, for eample, by signing the work with the name of the creator. However, completely different rights will be available to people who realiz that their selfie was us.

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