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What graphics to publish on social mia to make it legal In the era of dynamic development of the information society, social networking sites have become an inseparable element of our everyday life. They play an increasingly important role not only in the private life of individuals, partially taking over the role of interpersonal contacts and becoming a kind of a showcase of the user, but also constitute an important element of the marketing strategy of companies. More and more of them have their own social mia profiles where they present their services and offer.

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Despite the fact that in social mia we mainly use words, we are happy to use photos and graphics to make our message more attractive. Even the latest social research shows how important image communication is in social mia, and huge Ghana Mobile Number List amounts of new photos appear in social mia every day. Unfortunately, few of us are aware of where the photo or graphic actually comes from, and whether sharing someone else’s graphics may thus violate the law or the rules of the social networking site. Legal norm As regards the protection of intellectual property relat to the publication of photos and graphics in social mia, legal regulations apply on the basis of the Act on Copyright and Relat Rights of Fruary.

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Intellectual property is defin as a collective term for groups of legal monopolies, which include, among others, intangible goods. According to Art. sec. , in connection with sec. point of the aforemention act, the subject of copyright is any USB Directory manifestation of creative activity of an individual nature, establish in any form, regardless of the value, purpose and manner of epression. In practice, this means that any form of copying without the consent of the author is against the law and is subject to criminal and civil liability.

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