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Supination running shoes which running shoes to choose how to choose the size of running shoes selection of running shoes how to choose running shoes what running shoes to start with what trail running shoes What size running shoes how to choose running shoes size In total, it is about , inquiries about the selection of running shoes. If you write a valuable article on this subject in accordance with the principles of SEO copywriting you can read about them here How to write an SEO article , there is a good chance that after some time it will be high in Google for some of these phrases.

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Thanks to this, users will come to it in search of a solution to their problem. How to turn it into a conversion? Ehausting the topic and really helping to choose footwear. If there are a few things to pay attention to, depreciation, the terrain on Philippines Mobile Number List which the user will run, etc., then you should describe everything, and then propose models that correspond to this description in the content of the article. This will generate transitions to products, some of which may result in a purchase right away, and if not, you can then reach such users using Google Ads or Facook Ads in the form of remarketing and try to close the transaction in this way.

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In addition, the user is much more likely to buy from a store that has help them, even from a remarketing ad, than from other stores they have not dealt with before. The simple rule of reciprocity works here. It is worth noting that once an USB Directory article is written, it brings a constant influ of new users. Positioning support In addition to generating direct hits to articles, the blog is one of the pillars of a comprehensive SEO strategy and supports positioning of phrases that may be completely unrelat to the article.

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