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A solution with a separate domainsubdomain is rather us in specific cases after consultation with an SEO specialist, or when the content that we will create is not strictly relat to our business – a blog about training, when we sell food. HOT! SO Checklist Sempai September , You will read in ~ min. SO infographic The SO era has just begun – especially for those who want to generate more and more sales from the Internet. What does this abbreviation mean? It is a comprehensive combination of SEO, U and CRO activities that focuses on user eperience.

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All this so that people who came to the wsite from organic results stay on it and were as satisfi as possible with what they found, and as a result made the epect conversion. We have prepar an infographic that eplains in an accessible way what elements Thailand Mobile Number List of your wsite are worth looking at in the contet of SO. You will find a lot of tips for self-implementation in your e-shop. The high- quality infographic can be download HERE Under the infographic, you can read the eplanations for its individual sections? SO infographic What is SO? Search eperience Optimization is the process of optimizing user eperience at every point of contact between the user and the wsite, in all fields of search engine marketing.

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More broadly, SO is a holistic management of the optimization process, in which individual elements intersect with each other on three key levels USB Directory Serp Eperience – a set of user eperiences while using the search engine Page Performance – a set of user eperiences throughout the site eploration process Conversion Eperience – a set of eperiences at the stage of taking final actions by the user visiting the wsite. SERP Eperience From an SO point of view, the focus should be on the customer whose eperience begins and ends with Google.

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