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It can be safely said that currently the competition on. The first page of search results is not a fight for the first positions, but only . Often only the Top results appear in the section above the fold visible on the screen without the ne to scroll. So it may turn out that they get the vast majority of all clicks. In terms of SO , SERP Eperience consists of components. Search Intent Meta tags Snippets Search Intent We distinguish four intentions of queries. That Internet users enter into the search engine informative – the user. Is looking for information and knowlge on a select topic, navigation.

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The user is looking for a specific place, address, name or brand, commercial – the user is considering a purchase, but has not yet made a final decision, transactional – the user wants to convert and is already looking for the right place. Remember, however, that Tunisia Mobile Number List some keywords do not have a clearly defin intent, so you should track the most popular results to find out what results are the most desir. It is also worth bearing in mind that more and more people are using voice search. This is mainly done by young people, so undoubtly voice search is something worth considering when thinking about the future.

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Meta tags Meta title and description can have a significant impact on the click-through rate CTR in search results. As the data shows, results with a meta title containing questions such as what, why, how have as much as higher CTR compar to USB Directory those that do not have a question in the title. The length of the title tag also affects the CTR – here longer does not mean better and it is best to fit in the range of – characters. While it may be tempting to use power words, it is better to be careful. Phrases such as best, creative, can hurt and ruce CTR by almost.

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