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OF part of the money spent on vacation swindles your payment information. To avoid deception check the authenticity of the offer on official sources and by calling the hotline of the state organization they advise at Gazinformservice. A feature of such fraudulent resources is a very short life expectancy on the Internet. Dubious portals are quickly blocked and the criminals themselves stop supporting them. Therefore if it is possible to wait for time wait a couple of days and check the availability of this site security experts suggest. Fraud with renting accommodation or booking excursions The following scheme is a mixture of the previous two: scammers use phishing sites that pay by bank transfer.

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The user finds an advertisement for an attractive apartment for rent below the market. But the ad says that you need to pay a commission to the realtor even before meeting with him and before viewing the property. After the transfer of money the realtor will disappear. Experts Kazakhstan Mobile Number List recommend not to transfer money for services before signing a formal contract. Do not forget that at the height of the holiday season hoteliers will not rent rooms below the market. By entering data on a phishing site including payment card details the user not only loses money but also compromises his payment information and other personal data explains Alexander Dvoryansky director of special projects at Angara Security.

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Personal information about the user can be used by attackers in the future for fraud using social engineering and targeted advertising. Since such resources are USB Directory often made in haste it is quite easy to recognize them: there are grammatical and syntactical errors in the description the feedback section is missing or does not work there are no reviews about the site they notice in Angara Security. Also it will not be superfluous to look at the date the site or application was created.