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Software manufacturers are more likely to try to help companies that have suddenly lost support for foreign software.noted Dmitry Petushkov development director of Makves. This is an absolutely expected and predictable phenomenon given the departure of most of the foreign players. In all business segments we are seeing a situation where more and more companies are designing their security tools on Russian developments or laying in their architecture the possibility of a quick and painless transition to domestic solutions and services. It should be noted that in the segment of information security and the development of information security tools in terms of import substitution things are much better all relevant and currently necessary classes of domestically developed.

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Solutions have a high level of maturity readiness and most importantly ease of use by both users and administrators . In conclusion I would like to note that the Russian business both from the point of view of customers and from the point of view of developers or service providers has quite Kenya Mobile Number List confidently adapted to the current sanctions and continues to work effectively commented Alexander Dvoryansky director of special projects at Angara Security ho cyber cleaned all the battered Who cyber cleaned all the battered How the public sector and business met cyber attacks due to events in Ukraine.

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Since the beginning of the special military operation SVO in Ukraine on February combat operations have also begun on the digital field. Each of the parties to the conflict also uses cyber means in it so hackers almost immediately became a fullfledged tool in combat. Thus the USB Directory number of attacks on Russian IT systems already on February was three times higher than in February last year. This pressure continues to intensify pushing organizations to massively invest in cybersecurity. Kommersant found out how the tactics of cybercriminals and the information security market have changed after the events in Ukraine.