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It is also good to use the canonical URL when our product, category or article description has been copi by competitors. You can additionally write in the code the date of adding this content. Thanks to this, Google robots will be sure that a given description or article was first with us, and not on another domain. How to check which page Google considers canonical? The page is index, the canonical tag has been add, so now it remains to wait for Google robots to agree or not to our suggestion. If we want to find out if a given page has been recogniz by Google as a canonical page, we ne to use the URL Inspection tool for this.

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It will provide full information, also about possible errors and problems. Summary It is easy to see that the introduction of the canonical URL meta tag is useful in many situations. Thanks to it, we will not only defend ourselves against unintentional Indonesia Mobile Number List duplicate content, but also prevent duplication of content within one website. In addition, canonical links allow Google’s robots to do their job faster. However, let’s approach it with head, because in some cases it may be better to insert rirects or robots files . KPIs what are KPIs? Iwona Bortniczuk May , You will read in ~ min.

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KPI what are key performance indicators KPI is a key word that appears in every second sentence in marketers’ conversations. What does the abbreviation KPI mean, what is behind it and what are these famous KPIs for? KPI definition KPI what is it? We develop the KPI abbreviation as Key Performance Indicators, key performance indicators. This USB Directory is data that allows you to precisely answer the questions How effective are the actions taken? Are your actions bringing you closer to achieving your goal? You may have notic that this explanation of performance metrics is quite vague. KPIs are not universal. It’s not like the same indicators can be appli to every situation or activity.