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What is important, placing the canonical tag is possible only after the subpage has been index by robots. This can be done earlier, but the tag will only be consider after indexation. The use of canonical links undoubtly has a positive effect on the page’s position in search engine results. On the other hand, we also use rel=”canonical” when our mobile site has a different URL. The desktop version is xyz, and the mobile version is They are exactly the same domains, except that the version is display depending on what device the user is using. We must therefore inform Google of this to avoid inaccuracies.

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Importantly, we do it not only on the main page, but also on every subpage of the website. And so, in the <head> section in the desktop version, we insert Iceland Mobile Number List the canonical tag in the form <link rel=”alternate” mia=”only screen and (maxwidth px)” href=”sm xyz” >. In the <head> section in the mobile version it will be <link rel=”canonical” href=”sxyz” > Examples of canonical usage Now that we know what canonical is and when it is worth using it, we can now move on to examples of how canonical links are us. Well, several links with the same or very similar content often lead to one website ; sxyzdocelowyartykul – add at the beginning; print print version of the subpage.

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Therefore, you ne to set the rel canonical tag so that Google doesn’t treat these three URLs as separate domains with exactly the same content. Importantly, we place only one canonical link on each subpage. If it happens that there are more of them, then USB Directory Google robots will not take any of them into account and will choose the priority subpage themselves. At the same time, it’s worth checking if you accidentally want to set rel=”canonical” on a page with the noindex attribute set then such a page is block by Google and will not be index, so there is no point in setting it as canonical.

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