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Marketing mix p Over time, the p concept was developed with further elements, creating the p marketing mix. These are people (people), process (process) and material evidence (physical evidence). People (people) – the employee is the company’s showcase – therefore, focusing on people representing the company is extremely important. Employees not only care about the quality of the product, but are also responsible for contacts with customers. Therefore, it is worth ensuring the appropriate motivation and training of staff. Process – is to determine whether.

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The activities towards the customer are carried out correctly at every point of the purchase path starting from building brand awareness, through the purchase, ending with post-purchase satisfaction. Physical evidence – is primarily associated with brand identification and recognition. It includes, for example, the logo, website, specific decor and clothing 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers of employees. Here – it is worth that they should also be consistent with the company’s values. For example, a company that cares about ecology should not use solutions that damage the environment. Marketing mix c It allows you to look at the company from the customer’s perspective. Impersonating his skin, you can see the needs invisible at first glance. The elements of the marketing mix concept c are identical to those presented.

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Value for the customer (customer value) – a look at the product, which in this approach becomes a response to the buyer’s needs – whether it really meets them and meets his preferences. Cost – the purchase of an item or service involves spending a certain amount of money. However, this is not the only cost incurred by the client. For example, we also have the cost of travel and the time spent on the purchase. In e-commerce, it may also USB Directory involve waiting for the package and the price of delivery. Convenience – availability of the product, the ability to purchase via the Internet, the choice of payment method, the speed of the transaction. Over time, user convenience plays an increasingly important role in the purchasing process.