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Experts warn that working with state secrets implies serious prohibitions for employees of a new company – for example they will not be able to travel outside of Russia Rostelecom Solar a developer of information security solutions a subsidiary of Rostelecom together with the Information Security Center CBI created a Solar TZI joint venture to protect companies working with state secrets follows from the Spark-Interfax database. The company registered on July is owned by CBI and by Solar-PT which in turn is owned by Solar Security a legal entity of Rostelecom Solar and by Rostelecom through its subsidiary Wes telecom. CBI was established in its revenue for exceeded .

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Billion rubles according to Spark-Interfax. He is engaged in protection against data leaks supplies means “for guaranteed destruction of information remote control equipment etc. The company employs about employees. Among its customers are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Hong Kong Phone Numbers List  Federal Security Service the Prosecutor General’s Office the Federal Customs Service and other departments as well as Rosa tom and Russian Railways. The company is owned by six individuals. is owned by Yuri Aksenenko . is owned by his son Alexei Aksenenko . is owned by another son Ivan Aksenenko who became the CEO of Solar TZI. Another three shareholders each own approximately of the company.

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The CBI did not respond to a request from Forbes. The level of cyber threats in the world has grown: is it time to pay attention to “anti-virus actions Director for Strategic and Investment Development of RTK-Solar Yaroslavl Galliano confirmed to Forbes the creation of a joint USB Directory venture with CBI. According to him the start of its work is planned to be announced at the end of . The joint venture will deal with technologically complex large projects of departments and state corporations for the implementation of which competitors do not have enough resources primarily people he added.