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ICT-Online What factors traditionally influence the formation of domestic IT standards how important is world experience here? Alexander Kazhanov Digital Platforms and Smart City Solutions JSC: In my opinion a number of factors have traditional influence. This is a small immersion of individual technology committees in the best practices of real design weak feedback there is no will to collect it from users of the standards. The standard was released and we do not ask anyone how good it is how suitable it is what has changed after its appearance. Alexander Rozhkov Group T: It is important that national standards are not developed in isolation from international standards and with the involvement of the expert community.

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Until the key international and national organizations with which domestic regulators cooperated were the International Organization for Standardization ISO the International Telecommunication Union ITU the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC the American National Germany Mobile Number List  Standards Institute ANSI the National Standards Institute and technologies of the United States NIST the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE the European Computer Manufacturers Association ECMA the British Standards Institute BSI the Open Connectivity Foundation OCF etc. It is clear that now the prospects for cooperation with these organizations will revised. An example of successful cooperation is the international conference “Regulation of digital technologies which was held in November in St.

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Petersburg The conference participants were the Cyber-Physical Systems Technical Committee TK representatives of international standardization organizations ISO IEC IEEE ITU-T leading international experts in the field of standardization from companies such as IBM USB Directory Microsoft Cisco Toshiba Dell EMC as well as representatives of the Lora Alliance regulatory committee the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Rosstandart the Skolkovo Foundation NP RUSSOFT etc. In addition to standardization activities the landing of technologies through the creation and development of experimental legal regimes.