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INcrease the efficiency of the recommendation system on the online store website using Growth Hacking technology. results Case results Goals and objectives of INTERTOP Sometimes it is difficult for customers to navigate in the abundance of models of clothes, shoes and accessories, they get acquainted with different offers, but do not always find what they are ready to purchase. For this reason, INTERTOP has set the following objectives: Provide the buyer with a positive shopping experience at all stages of the sales funnel; Increase conversion to orders, revenue and average check. How to help a client with a choice and get 18.

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Additional revenue using online recommendations on the website: INTERTOP case “Our distribution network was originally created in order to give customers the opportunity to buy high-quality and comfortable clothes and shoes from a wide range. But with the expansion of the catalog, we got the opposite effect – now it is difficult for customers to quickly find what Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List  they need. We want to solve this problem in order to provide only positive shopping experience in our online store”, – Asel Beisekeyeva, Head of e-commerce department INTERTOP. Retail Rocket Solution The system of smart online merchandising allows you to solve the problem of defocusing the attention of an online store visitor, which is especially important for retailers with a large number of SKUs.

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Product recommendations based on customer knowledge are rebuilt in real time, so they always remain relevant to the buyer. His Customer Journey becomes more convenient. Thus, we offered INTERTOP the following solutions: Use personal recommendations to help each USB Directory customer make a choice in the store; Iteratively improve key metrics with hypothesis testing by our team of Growth Hackers. How to help a client with a choice and get 18.5% additional revenue using online recommendations on the website: INTERTOP case “Our platform is based on artificial intelligence.

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