Why is data driven marketing

The navigation menu should present a properly adjust hierarchy of the link structure within the site. Replacing the main menu with breadcrumbs . This solution is unfavorable both for the user and for the optimization of the wsite in terms of SEO. Breadcrumbs are meant to complement the main menu, not replace it. Duplication of the forward and back buttons . The use of breadcrumbs is to facilitate the transition between closely relat sections, subcategories or subpages that contain more levels in a given category.

Needed data driven marketing

The forward and back buttons that are duplicat in the browser will make the user go back too far or go too far forward. Using breadcrumbs in structur Spain Phone Numbers List data Structur data, structur data structural data and their etension, the so-call rich snippets, are special tags post on wsites. They are mainly us to describe the content of wsites and stores in a form understandable to search engine robots. Thanks to the use of structur data, bots accurately recognize the type of content in a specific part of the wsite. In the most popular search engine, Google, structur data allows you to display additional information in the organic search results in the form of so-call tags.

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Data analysis in marketing

Rich snippets etend descriptions, as well as knowlge graphs. Structur data can be plac on the page using one of the following formats microdata schema.org, microformats hCard, JSON-LD RDFa Each of the standards present above has its own set and structure of tags. Their implementation – regardless of the format us – does not affect the appearance USB Directory of the wsite display in the w browser. Structur data can be mark in Google Search Console with a special data marker. Thanks to this solution, we can mark breadcrumbs wsite in the structural data of our wsite or online store. The Google algorithm then does not have to analyze the entire structure of the page to combine relat elements.

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