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What is the issue of placing a linklinks in the product description to the subcategory in which the product is locat or to another one in the store? Internal linking, referring to other subcategories, products or . to a blog section, is always a good idea. Appropriate linking can bring effects in the form of improving the visibility of the website in organic search results. In addition, it encourages the user to stay on the site (rucing the bounce rate), helps him navigate the site, and thus increases the chances of conversion. Are there any classifis sites for beginner copyriter -ow, SEO -wcow? I am currently learning this on Udemy and webinars. You can start with Good Content.

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Textcookers and Textbroker (jobs for articles and SEO texts). Good luck! Do you recommend any tool to check descriptions for SEO? You can use Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List Surfer SEO. If you want to comprehensively verify the description (category or product) and compare it with the descriptions of the top pages for the phrase you are interested in, Surfer SEO will do it for you. The tool will check the frequency of occurrence of specific keywords in your description and in the descriptions of top pages, it will indicate which words are missing in your text.

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It will compare the length of your description with the length of descriptions of competitors, and even give formatting tips (number of paragraphs, headings, etc. Of course, as with any tool, the results should be approached with some distance. Not all tips USB Directory will be relevant and necessary, but many of them can be very useful when preparing descriptions that aim to rank high on Google. If you want to check texts from external copywriters, Quetext is also worth mentioning here. The tool will allow you to check the uniqueness of the content – it detects plagiarism.