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Random posts on a variety of topics will not attract an audience. A reader who reaches a specific domain expects there entries relat to the topic indicat by the name of the blog. Therefore, it is best to bet on something original, niche, which is missing or not enough on the web. Have an original idea for a review blog? So far, you have not notic a similar implementation of the topic on the web? Great – this could be your ticket to a website where you can start making money in the future. Blogging platform – which one to choose? To set up a blog, you ne a platform that allows you to manage your content.

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It is thanks to it that you will be able to format and it the text both before and after publication. Today, wordpress is the most popular blog. It allows you to easily and intuitively run a blog , easily add a photo gallery or contact commenters. In addition, you Iran Mobile Number List will find useful plug-ins online (. Disqus, yoast seo, p welcome mat) that will help you create a professional blog, visible in a high position in the google search engine. Paid or free blog? Creating a blog on wordpress involves hosting costs, but usually it is only a few zlotys per month. The platform will work well for an online store and other websites.

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What makes it so popular? With a small financial outlay, you gain options that they will allow you to earn money from ads and adjust them freely to USB Directory the page, will allow you to create your own domain, they will help you personalize the look of your blog. In addition, you can make any updates on an ongoing basis and choose the address of your blog (whether it should end with or. With the wordpress administration panel, you get almost unlimit possibilities to configure the post content.