The role of marketing in a b2b company

Thus, we ruce the cost of acquiring a new customer; base of loyal and valuable customers: we gain a group of customers who will regularly buy from us, recommend to others, becoming brand ambassadors. Referral marketing also benefits consumers who: learn about the actual advantages and disadvantages of the product; make sure that their choice is correct; they can ask the author of the recommendation for clarification or explanation, enter into a discussion with him. What are natural and sourc recommendations? Recommendation marketing is to motivate our customers to share their opinions about the products and the company itself.

Marketing Strategy Why Should Companies Have One

Natural, or organic, recommendations are those that customers write themselves. However, it is not known from today that negative reviews are much more often and more willingly issu than positive ones. Let’s try to get positive natural USA Cell Phone Number List recommendations by: great products that meet customer expectations; high quality of service, quick response to questions and efficient advice; timely execution of orders; transparent return policy and trouble-free processing; bonuses, such as an e-mail thank you after the purchase, aesthetic product packaging, adding tips on how to use the product or a sweet gift. Referral marketing is also bas on recommendations obtain, for example, by subtly asking for them in a reminder email.

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Do Marketing Activities Have To Respond

In addition, it works great to give a few percent discount or a code for free delivery in return. Remember that the recommendations obtain are also authentic, and therefore as valuable as organic ones. So let’s consider effective, but not intrusive ways of obtaining recommendations. Examples of referral marketing The biggest brands have found out about USB Directory the power of recommendation marketing. The strategy develop, among others, by Zalando works perfectly here. After the purchase, each customer evaluates the product, not only by giving it stars, but also by commenting.

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