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To install a VPN on your iPhone you need to select the VPN item Add VPN configuration in the settings. Select IPSec as the connection type. Specify the connection name description IP address server login account and password as well as PSK shared key. Click Finish then select your connection in the VPN menu and turn on the VPN. A similar instruction applies to Android devices. In the settings select the Connections item in it click Other settings. From the VPN menu click Add VPN Profile. In it select LTP / IPSec PSK and enter the data. On Windows devices open network settings and select VPN then click Add VPN Connection. Specify the server address select the type of VPN LTP/IPSec with a shared key and enter the login password and PSK.

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Click save and then connect to the VPN. In a similar way you can connect a VPN on Mac OS. According to the requirement of Roskomnadzor when preparing materials on a special operation in eastern Ukraine all Russian media are required to use information only from official sources Jamaica Mobile Number List of the Russian Federation. We cannot publish materials in which the ongoing operation is called an attack invasion or declaration of war unless it is a direct quote Article of the Federal Law on the Media. In case of violation of the requirement the media may be fined million rubles and the publication may also be blocked.

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SOAR settled down in Russia SOAR settled down in Russia The segment of cybersecurity solutions SOAR has come to the fact that it has become one of the few dominated by domestic solutions. Only of the Russian market falls to the share of foreign USB Directory products here. At the same time SOAR from Russian developers has become an original class of systems: domestic products have specific functions that are not available in foreign systems. On June the SOAR in Russian conference was held online at the AM Live site. The class of SOAR Security Orchestration Automation and Response systems itself appeared about five years ago.