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We enter the phrase Samsung Galay S in Google and we get the result Search Results We want to learn more about the product, so we click on the first result – a tet ad . We go to the official wsite of the manufacturer. We see the aesthetic page describing the product, we read about the advantages, we check opinions and comments. We spend minutes on the site. However, we want to check other, independent tests of the device. As such, we’re leaving the site and looking for reviews on YouTube. So what is rejection? Just what we just did. We enter the wsite samsung, trigger one event the so-call hit according to Analytics, opening the wsite.

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However, we did not trigger any other action, we did not enter a different subpage – so it is a rejection. Does this mean that the site did not fulfill its function and should be improv? It fulfill it perfectly, because otherwise we wouldn’t be Belgium Mobile Number List looking for tests of this product. So what is the bounce rate? It’s the result of simple division – the number of sessions with a single hit that is, the number of sessions that end in a bounce divid by the number of total sessions. bounce rate how to calculate If Google Analytics count , sessions with rejection during the week, and we had , sessions on the wsite at that time.

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Then how to calculate bounce rate Poprawna Analityka Wejścia botów, dublowanie wywoływania podstron, urwane ścieżki klienta – to wszystko zaburza dane wejściowe, a zatem przyczynia się do wyciągnięcia złych wniosków. Należycie USB Directory skonfigurowana analityka oraz wdrożone ulepszone e-commerce to absolutna konieczność dla sklepów internetowych. Therefore, if you have configur Google Analytics that collects transaction data, and you still see sources of customer acquisition in your store, such as Poczta.onet or payment gateways dotpay, PayU, imoje, then you most likely ne to improve this state of affairs.

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