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How not to expose yourself to duplicate content and not fall under Google? In our experience, few stores decide to write individual content for each of thousands of products. Therefore, if the products differ from each other, . by one feature or parameter, you can prepare several universal descriptions and then modify them as needed. Google will recognize that it is an online store – this should not affect its visibility in the search engine. Descriptions for online stores – examples Below I have collected some examples of descriptions for you. Some of them I read with real pleasure, others – shedding a tear, by no means emotion.

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Description of the category from the jewelry store jewelry description Does this description have any advantages? Unfortunately, they are quite hard to spot. Evidently, it was created with Google robots in mind, but they must be a bit embarrassed Hungary Mobile Number List by such an approach to the matter. An illegible block of text, devoid of formatting (where are the headings, paragraphs, boldfaces, lists, etc. separated?) effectively discourages from reading the content. The description does not provide any useful information, is linguistically incorrect and does not match the tone of the brand’s communication.

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Product description from an online drugstore Oils Here, in turn, we have specific information, description of properties, scope of application. In addition, the product description has a clear structure. Product description from the tent shop description of the tent Want to buy a tent? You have all the information here. You know in what USB Directory conditions it will be perfect (cooking even in the rain?!) and how the technologies used here work. The description is clear and orderly. If something is worth changing in it, it may be the approach to the user – from impersonal to more direct. Professional product descriptions – independently or with an agency.