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Popular price comparison websites in the Czech Republic More and more users use comparison websites before making a purchase. They check there not only the prices, but also the cribility of the e-shop. The most popular are the domestic comparison websites – Heureka, Zbozi, Hlejceny, Srovnavame. When planning to conquer the Czech clothing market, it is worth taking a look at the GLAMI platform, which combines elements of a product search engine and a social networking site. It focuses on fashion and accessories and allows users to browse merchandise, create collections, share and comment on them.

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Of consumers use it as a comparison site for products in the fashion category (according to: Forecast of the size of the mobile Jordan Mobile Number List commerce market (in billions of euros) The e-commerce market in the Czech Republic is constantly growing and, according to analysts, this trend is expect to continue in the coming years. Forecasts assume that in its value will amount to EUR . billion. Share of cross-border sales in May Compar to preferences on the Polish market, Czechs are more willing to buy in foreign e-shops – more than half of customers do it, of which % choose only stores from outside the country.

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Interestingly, the most popular countries for Czech consumers are those in the immiate vicinity – Poland and Slovakia (jpmorgan). Preferences of Czech users in the area of ​​e-commerce and e-commerce logistics in the Czech Republic Preferences USB Directory of Czech users in the area of ​​e-commerce Why do Czech consumers buy online? The advantage of online shopping over traditional shopping is primarily convenience. As many as % of respondents indicate that they choose online shopping due to the possibility of quick and easy comparison of products, and % want to avoid crowds in this way.