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Don’t use the passive voice either – online content is not an essay or a thesis. YES NO Laura read the book The book was read by Laura. It is not difficult to notice that UX-writing is primarily about taking care of the visual side of the text, but you cannot forget how important the language itself is. There is a man on the other side and direct a simple and specific message to him. Write in the language of benefits, but use natural grammar constructions. If you meet both of these issues, you have a chance to achieve your goal – to familiarize the user with your brand, product, service or tool and effectively encourage him to use it.

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Good luck! Opinions about the company and products. things you should know to effectively use their potential Aleksandra Skindzier February , You will read in ~ min. Opinions about the company and products Expressing your opinion is an integral Pakistan Mobile Number List part of our lives. No wonder that marketers and sellers decid to use the natural human tendency to share their insights. Opinions of satisfi customers are a great advertisement and well receiv by other users, so it is worth paying special attention to them. Here are things to pay attention to in order to better use their potential.

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Why do reviews work? According to research conduct by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, as many as % of online buyers declare that they leave opinions about purchas products. Interestingly, men ( %) do it more often than USB Directory women ( %). When it comes to reading reviews, % of respondents “always” or “very often” do it (data from: Local Consumer Review Survey ). People look at reviews at various stages of the buying journey. They do this even when they already have the product in their cart and are only one click away from finalizing the transaction.

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