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D in the company The third obvious plus is the luring into the legal field of the socalled gray hats hackers who can work both in the ethical and in the illegal field depending on what is more profitable. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW? It is widely believed that bug hunters rarely find really complex and critical bugs in the product. Sergei Gilev reflects: I partly agree with this opinion as well as with the fact that it is not an indicator of the inefficiency of such an approach. Rather it indicates that the systems published in the program have already reached a certain level of maturity and it is quite difficult to find really critical vulnerabilities in them.

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At the same time if the owner of the systems under study is willing to pay a tidy sum for critical vulnerabilities this may motivate research participants to approach the process more carefully. If you look at published tickets on wellknown Bug Bounty platforms Hacker Lebanon Mobile Number List One BugCrowd you can see a large number of critical vulnerabilities found there. Yes and no Alexey Antonov shared his opinion on this matter. How do you look for security bugs in a product? Use different approaches and points of view analyze the interaction with other systems.

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Applications for example will not be deeply looked into by a bughunter so they will not see specific things in the business logic or in the design review. From experience I can say with confidence that the launch of VC according to classical methodologies this is also the case is effective USB Directory as the last stage of the secure development process after the internal DevSecOps process has been built when external audit is already applied. That’s when the BB program can bring results. Alexander Borisov summed up the results of the discussion: There are no reliable and comprehensive studies that can be relied upon in this matter.

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