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CPA (Cost Per Action) Cost Per Action is an efficiency settlement model closely relat to conversion. In this case, you can select the action you would like the user to perform. This could be placing an order, filling out a form, or performing some other action on the site. You will pay for this action. What are the popular billing models for online advertising – CPA in Google Ads Setting CPA bids in the Google Ads panel CPL (Cost Per Lead) A model similar to CPA, but here you will pay when the user performs a specific action in which they provide personal data, fill out a form on the website. You only pay for obtaining user data.

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It works well in the financial or insurance industry, but it is also an effective solution for building a newsletter database. CPS (Cost Per Sale) Another Estonia Mobile Number List model bas on user actions. Us primarily in e-commerce. You incur costs when a user purchases a product or service. This model is more expensive compar to the previous ones. Another version of this model is CPO (Cost Per Order), where you pay for each order plac, even if it has not been paid by the buyer. CPI (Cost Per Install) The model is intend mainly for mobile applications.

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Advertisements are meant to encourage software installation. You will pay when the user installs the application. The CPI rate may vary depending on the platform (iOS Android). Another variant of this model is CPD (Cost Per Download), payment USB Directory for downloading a digital product. CPE (Cost Per Engagement) Another model similar to CPA. Here you pay for a specific user interaction with the ad. This model works primarily in interactive advertising, applications or games. Professional Facebook ADS campaigns Check out our >> OFFER << CPC (cost per conversion) A model bas on the cost of acquiring a customer.

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