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Mailings case “In order to create a positive shopping experience on the site and increase customer conversion, we offered each customer their own version of the online store based on their interests. The site is rebuilt in real time, instantly responding to every human action. The strategy is strengthened by trigger mailings that automatically “respond” to the behavior of the client: they remind you of the goods forgotten in the basket, urge you to share your opinion about the purchase and provide an opportunity to make new relevant offers,” Alexey, Retail Rocket manager. We form an individual version of the online store for each client Artificial intelligence allows you to create an individual version of the site for each visitor.

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At the same time, widgets with product selections change in real time, therefore, they correspond to the interests and requests of the client, no matter how often he changes them. Thus, the buyer gets the opportunity of convenient online shopping based on his Philippines Mobile Number List  preferences, and his customer journey is shortened. And the store, in turn, receives a greater number of completed conversion actions and, accordingly, an increase in revenue. The LG online store has 30 recommendation blocks on the most popular pages of the site: Main page; Category page; Card Product; Page 404; Page “Favorites”; Promotions page  etc.

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This allows you to tailor the content for each client, taking into account the stage of the sales funnel at which he is located. Here are some examples of pages: We meet buyers with the best offers Smart online merchandising allows you to make relevant offers to both new USB Directory visitors to the online store and familiar customers. Two types of recommendations work here: bestsellers for those who are not yet familiar with the assortment and the store, and personal recommendations for those who have a history of actions.

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