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If you intend to store your goods yourself. Which of course has its pros and cons. You can start by finding space in your apartmenthouse. The cost is still , not including packing materials. When an apartment is no longer enough, the next step is to rent a small storage space. For example, the lessmess network can help, where you can buy space of up to a dozen m^ and store your goods there. It costs from several hundred PLN to PLN , netmonth. You can also rent a small premises or garage – depending on the specific location.

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The issue of heating and humidity should also be taken into account – adequately to the goods sold. By increasing the scale and delegating packing and shipping to employees – you also pay for their employment, materials and work space. Going Bahrain Mobile Number List further – larger warehouses, more people, systems that improve shipping, receipt of deliveries and storage, ERP and WMS systems – all these costs range from a dozen to several thousand PLN net month. and higher depending on the size of the project. Packing materials Bubble wrap, cartons, adhesive tape, filling, etc. The cost of packaging materials can be very different, depending on whether you are sending premium products and you care about a very nice packaging, or the goods are simply supposed to reach the customer safe and sound.

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If the goods arrive ready for shipment (. in a cardboard box), and all you have to do is stick the waybill – you incur virtually no costs. To sum up – the cost of packaging for one package is from PLN . to PLN . In the case of a premium shipment, it is even a USB Directory dozen or so zlotys for one shipment. Returns and Complaints If you sell in dropshipping and you have an agreement with the wholesaler that they accept returns and complaints – this topic does not apply to you.