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Click Advanc measurement Look for the option to add. A list of unwant referrers.List of unwant referrers Select a match type. In the Domain section, enter the matching domain ID (. example). To add another domain, click Add condition. Click Save.List of unwant referrers In this way, you can add all the domains that you have already complet in Universal Analytics in the section Property → Tracking Information → Referrer Exclusion List. Once you’re done with this setup, you’re ready to move on to deploying ecommerce.

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We implement comprehensive analytical. Solutions Check out our >> OFFER << The best way to implement enhanc ecommerce There are several ways to implement enhanc ecommerce. One of them, although the most timeconsuming. Is List of US Mobile Phone Numbers reliable. It is distinguish by universality (it will be useful for many marketing activities), it collects the most data and in the long run it is also the cheapest solution (you do not ne to renew the license). It is best to start with the implementation of the dataLayer (data layer) by the programmer, according to the new guidelines indicat by Google at each stage list in the link below (displaying the product, adding the product to the cart, etc.). Find out how to do this here.

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If you are using Universal Analytics (UA) colloquially known as “old Analytics”, you can have a developer migrate data collection from UA to GA like this . However, migration does not mean that the data collect so far in UA will be export to GA . If you set up USB Directory GA today, data will only be collect from the moment you paste the measurement ID in the G[string of numbers and letters] into your store’s source code. In the link above, Google indicates the easiest way to copy existing data layers and turn them into “understandable” for GA.