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When it comes to online stores – among the most popular payment methods in poland, there are also more traditional ones. They also still have a large following. Choosing a payment method blik it immiately became one of the favorite forms of payment, outclassing both traditional cards and other methods. According to the list prepar by t-pay and sw research, it is among the most frequently chosen payment methods by of respondents. This solution is support by the most important features from the customer’s point of view, Spe, convenience and security of payment.

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No obligation to provide personal data, card number and bank account translate into a sense of anonymity and user comfort. Pay by link a quick and intuitive method of rirecting the buyer to the bank’s website and immiate execution of the Lebanon Mobile Number List transaction. You do not ne to fill in the fields concerning the amount of the transferr amount, the transfer title or the recipient’s data, which saves time and eliminates the possibility of making a mistake. According to the ranking, of respondents indicat pay by link as one of their favorite electronic payment methods. Paypal fast, anonymous, safe. The advantages of this solution do not deter customers from the additional effort of registering in the system.

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The seller offering the service must be verifi in advance, thanks to which the user can be sure that he is using proven services. The only data that is provid when purchasing is the address and e-mail address. in the ranking. E-wallet it allows you to transfer money from a bank account to a virtual one, and then use them for purchases. For example, e-wallets USB Directory are us by some banking applications. It is also a solution for those who decide on cryptocurrencies. Online stores with crypto payments may soon become much more common. So far, this method has been identifi as one of the most us by of users.