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Long blocks fill with hundrs of words, even if they were written in a very pleasant style and understandable language, are terrifying and do not encourage reading at all. After all, we want to have information given almost on a platter, without having to wade through the thicket of sentences. Your job as the author is to break up the text so that each paragraph is between and lines long. As a result, you will increase the dynamics of the text, the recipient will read faster, and if you add engaging headlines and other embellishments, you will effectively encourage him to continue reading.

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Comprehensive Content Marketing campaigns Check out our >> OFFER << Sentences of up to words How many times has someone told you Luxembourg Mobile Number List something and told it in such a confusing way that you already lose track of the story? It’s the same with the written word. Long sentences are tiresome – we ne to concentrate hard to understand them fully and not lose the thread. And it’s not about making things difficult for the recipients. Do you want to write in accordance with the principles of UX writing? Create sentences of up to words.

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To illustrate the situation, we have bold the sentence you are reading right now to show you how much is words against the background of the entire paragraph. Avoid long and complex sentences if you don’t want the reader to get confus or even annoy. Emphasis = bold, italic, box Another rule of UX writing is the use of highlights in the text, which make USB Directory it easier to scan the text. This is very important, because hardly anyone reads everything from cover to cover. On the Internet, we scan rather than read. We want to get to important information as soon as possible. Your goal is to make it as easy as possible.