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Analytics and optimization other brands kohai incommerce knowlge base blog sempai academy content analytics in marketing campaigns export e-book podcast data-driven marketing webinars about sempai. Anchor – everything you ne to know about it Paulina Roszko April , You will read in ~ min. Anchor – everything you ne to know about it Just getting start with SEO? Or maybe you hear from a specialist every now and then that the anchor link is not without significance in the activities aim at positioning the website in the search engine.

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Today we answer what it actually is and why anchor html is so important in building your website’s position. What is anchor text? The definition France Mobile Number List of anchor text is simple: it is nothing but the content of the link that appears on the select website. This is the so-call anchor, in the text very often highlight with a different color, underlin or bold. Moving the cursor to a given anchor (anchor text) makes the user see which page he will be rirect to after clicking on it. In the page code itself, the anchor html is between the <a> and <a> tags. Anchor makes the link phrase more friendly for Google bots, but also for the user himself.

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The anchor text allows the recipient to understand where they will be rirect after clicking on the link and what they can expect there. This is the first signal about the topic of the page. What types of anchors do we distinguish? Anchor (link content) can USB Directory take several different forms, and the Google algorithm looks at each of them slightly differently. Most often it is a key phrase relat to the topic of the page itself and the article. Equally important in the case of anchors is the fact that they look natural in the text.

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