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This will decrease the sales rate of the product. Of course, this is only a guess, because the effect can also be the opposite of the one describ above. Sometimes the user epects to receive a comprehensive post that will answer all their queries, not a specific product. How to eliminate keyword cannibalization? There are several solutions that can help eliminate cannibalization. To a large etent, the method us depends on the situation of the party. It may happen that we will be able to use several methods, and sometimes we will be able to use only one solution.

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In some cases, we may have to look for other ways not list. Below are some solutions to eliminate cannibalization. Combine addresses into one When we discover cannibalization on our site, it is worth considering combining these URLs Northeast Mobile Phone Number List into one using a rirect . Of course, we ne to choose one URL to rirect the others to. You have to remember to move the content together with the rirect and combine it with the eisting article. This solution will be most useful on blog and information pages. Using a canonical tag Another way is the possibility of using the canonical tag, thanks to which we will indicate to the Google search engine the correct URL to appear in the search results.

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Of course, Google doesn’t always follow the canonical tag because it’s just a guideline that it can ignore. Deoptimization of duplicates After USB Directory detecting cannibalization on our wsite, we ne to decide which subpage should be display for a given phrase. One of the options is optimizing the target subpage and deoptimizing the subpage that will not be display for a given phrase. This procure can help, but you have to be careful not to overdo it. Deoptimization is the opposite of optimization and consists in rucing the optimization of a given subpage.