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Important to help customers navigate the rich and dynamic 7 Seeds catalogue. We have proposed the following solutions: Increase customer loyalty and provide them with a positive shopping experience through the implementation of a smart online merchandising strategy; Using our AI Personalization Engine module, create relevant product offers for each customer; Create for each client his own individual version of the site, rebuilding product recommendations to his preferences and interests in real time. How to ensure ROI of 15,000% through a personal approach on the site: case “7 seeds” “In order to save time and simplify the Customer Journey in the 7 Seeds online store, we have developed a strategy for personalizing offers, taking into account the company’s field of activity – garden retail, where high.

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Service is the main condition for business prosperity. In addition to the usual pages for implementing recommendations, such as the Home page or the product card, we decided to use those pages that are often undeservedly underestimated by online stores – for example, a personal Thailand Mobile Number List account and a 404 error page,” Mikhail, Retail Rocket manager. We use a personal approach on the pages of the online store “7 seeds” The history of the client’s actions in the online store or the lack of action is an opportunity to analyze the behavior of the buyer and try to predict his requests and interests.

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If a person was interested, for example, in the “Seeds” category, but did not find the desired product and did not send anything to the basket, you can make him offers from the same section, which are highly likely to arouse his interest. At the same time, depending on the specific page (product card, shopping cart) and the stage of the sales funnel at which the client stopped, you can change the algorithms.

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