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Equally regularly, of consumers bought mical supplies, beauty care products, and – clothes. When it comes to goods purchas at least once every twothree months, electronics and IT ( ) and travel ( ) dominate. At least twice a year, of Italians have invest in insurance. device Most online purchases about are made by Italians using computers. Smartphones account for , while tablets of all transactions. It is worth taking this into account when optimizing the online store for the type of device us by users. From abroadIn foreign stores, Italians most often buy electronics.

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This is compar to of purchases in this category made in the country. Clothes from abroad account for of orders. In other product groups, less than of transactions are made in other countries. Preferences of Italian users in the area of ​​ecommerce Turkey Mobile Number List Preferences What prompts the user to buy a given product are not only the prices and features of the product itself, but also additional facilities provid by the online store. The Italians, as the most important point, give free shipping of goods. It was indicat by as many as . of the respondents. Other factors are not so significant and none of them exce.

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Most of them . and . were gain by coupons and discounts as well as customer opinions. At the bottom of the ranking are exclusive content ( . ), live chat ( . ) and click and collect ( . ). Potential threatIn a survey conduct among Italian ecommerce USB Directory companies, potential threats to the brand’s reputation on the domestic market were identifi. The vast majority of respondents chose negative opinions as the most harmful on the store’s website ( ), in social mia ( ) and in the electronic press ( ). In addition to them, the list also includes an increase in staff turnover ( ), negative opinions on local TV ( ) and nonmia ( ). Other threats account for of the responses.