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OF Cybersecurity Solutions at the Moscow DIT. Roman Ovchinnikov Head of Execution Security Vision. The discussion was moderated Vseslav Solenik independent expert. The discussion was moderated by Vseslav Solenik an independent expert. Russian SOAR market Products of the SOAR class are now actively penetrating the Russian market. This trend has been observed for at least four years said Danil Borodavkin. The goal of implementing SOAR systems is to provide a multiple increase in the speed of responding to incidents. Currently SOAR is already widely represented in leading Russian banks government agencies and large commodity companies. Now other market participants are following them. Many companies are not limited to using SOAR only for its main purpose.

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On their basis centers for automating other processes are being created. Departure from the Russian market of western vendors The departure of Western vendors from the Russian Azerbaijan Mobile Number List market has become an unexpected test for many companies. Each company has its own attitude to this. So according to Anna Bogdanova the effect was not catastrophic. Prior to the events the share of foreign players in the Russian market was small. Moreover recently Western companies have just begun to develop the Russian market. They did it slowly like Palo Alto Networks.

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But they did not have time to start the process. Therefore the effect of their departure was insignificant. A feature of the Russian SOAR market was also that the development of new systems began simultaneously with Western vendors. The development USB Directory of products has been going in parallel up to now. According to Alexander Nosarev many Russian customers have previously taken into account that Russian SOAR solutions have priority for the local market. At least in terms of technical support they were provided with higher stability. Maintaining partnerships with a Russian vendor has always been easier than contacting a Western company.