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Encrypt the load in memory when interaction with the agent is not required. In this article we will look at an example of how to arm a simple fluctuating shellcode PoC combination of the third and partially second and point from the paragraph above for use with almost any C open source framework. But first a bit of history. A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY.Memory flips RX → RW/NA The first open source project that offered a PoC solution for memory scan evasion that I found out about was gargoyle . Without getting too deep into the implementation its main idea is that the payload executable code is placed in a nonexecutable memory area PAGE_READWRITE or PAGE_NOACCESS that will not be scanned by antivirus or EDR.

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The gargoyle preloader generates a special ROP gadget that will fire on the timer and change the call stack so that the top of the stack is on the API handle VirtualProtectEx this will Armenia Mobile Number List allow us to change the memory protection marking to PAGE_EXECUTE_READ that is make the memory executable. Then the payload will work again transfer control to the gargoyle loader and the process will repeat. How gargoyle works image from How gargoyle works image from  The principle of operation of gargoyle has been supplemented improved and reinvented many times.

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Here are some examples: Bypassing Memory Scanners with Cobalt Strike and Gargoyle Bypassing PESieve and Moneta The easy way….? A variant of Gargoyle USB Directory for x to hide memory artifacts using ROP only and PIC FSecure Labs also demonstrated an interesting approach by implementing the Ninjasploit extension for Meterpreter which indirectly determines that Windows Defender is about to start the scanning procedure and then flips the memory area with the agent to the nonexecutable one right before it. Now most likely this extension.

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