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Although none of the participants in the discussion denied the usefulness of SOAR many said that the main obstacle to the implementation of SOAR was that some of the tasks to be solved could be solved through SIEM and Service Desk. As Anna Bogdanova who strongly supported the idea of ​​switching to SOAR noted the service desk lacks many fields that help speed up the decisionmaking process on responding to an incident. In addition it is impossible to enrich information about the incident there. Service Desk is more like a ticket system that allows you to collect data on incidents in a list and eliminate them using the accumulated information. Alexander Nosarev partly agreed with Anna.

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Service Desk is built around certain processes. If incidents occur in their plane then some of the tasks can really be closed using the Service Desk tools. Vyacheslav Tupikov believes that if a company has a group of strong analysts then using the capabilities of the service desk they Bahamas Mobile Number List can independently build incident processing processes with analysis of applications and development of responses. This eliminates the need for SOAR. Implementation of SOAR SOARsystems are a priori modular so their implementation occurs gradually step by step with the growth of the functional set.

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Vyacheslav Tupikov noted that first of all it is necessary to determine what tasks are planned to be solved at the time of SOAR implementation. If we are talking only about responding to virus incidents then the integration will only need to enrich the system with data for the antivirus. As the incident base grows for example by supplementing it with network incidents USB Directory other integration tools will appear. When implementing it is also necessary to pay attention to the level of infrastructure heterogeneity. Not only the amount of work performed but also the duration of the SOAR implementation process will depend on this. As Danil Borodavkin noted during implementation it is necessary to ensure that so that SOAR out of the box immediately helps to get useful results. SOAR is by definition a constructor.

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